Manhole Rehabilitation

Manhole Relining 

Advanced Trenchless Inc. offers a technology that will rehabilitate an entire manhole without any excavation. The technology also creates a barrier that stops harmful gases such as H2S from deteriorating the walls of the host structure, while also enhancing structural strength.

Using a two-part resin solution and a special fiberglass matting, almost any interior structure including but not limited to; manholes, vaults, chambers, lift stations, holding tanks, septic tanks, and storage tanks can be repaired.

After the surface of the structure is refurbished through extensive cleaning and removal of loose debris, a special coating to smooth and rebuild heavily pitted and rough areas is applied. Finally, a coating and fiberglass materials is applied. The finished product can be put back into use almost immediately and most structures can be completed in as little as one to two days.

Chemical Injection Grouting

Advanced Trenchless Inc. also offers chemical grout injection for eliminating water infiltration in structures such as manholes, tanks, vessels, chambers and any type of structure with deteriorating concrete or brick walls.

The repair is achieved using various types of grout material, such as hydrophobic polyurethane resin which can expand to up to 2000% of its liquid volume once in contact with water.  This system is effective to fill voids, control soil permeation, stop active water leaks or potential future leaks and will stabilize soils. The technology can withstand wet and dry cycles, permeates well, is non-flammable and reacts quickly with water to form dense, impermeable, semi-rigid foam.