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Tree Roots

Advanced Trenchless Inc. Explains How Tree Roots Can Cost You

Are tree roots destroying your sewer pipes? In Alberta, most older areas feature clay or no-corrode (tar paper) pipes, which isn’t good news for property-owners.

Outdated Materials

Advanced Trenchless has repaired multiple sewer line breakdowns that can be attributed to these outdated materials. Pipe erosion and tree root infiltration seem to be common, causing severe and costly back-ups.


These problems can be avoided with our powerful Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP), staving off unnecessary expenditures and headaches. (See Our Videos for more information.)

Tree Root Infiltration

Tree roots infiltrate the joints in clay pipes more easily because, over time, gaskets in the pipe joints break down. Tree roots then work their way in, seeking the water inside the pipes and taking up permanent residence there. However, once roots have infiltrated your sewer lines, expensive and disruptive excavation is only one option.

CIPP Can’t Be Infiltrated

Consider the trenchless technology applied by Advanced Trenchless. We’ll cause minimal damage to the area above and around your pipes, leaving landscaping and features such as sidewalks and parking lots intact. Best of all, we’ll leave new pipe that cannot be infiltrated by tree roots. Call us for more information.