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Robotic Cutting for Gasket Removal, Protruding Connections, Deposits

Advanced Trenchless offers Robotic obstruction removal for remote-entry pipe (up to 600mm diameter).

Our specialized self-propelled robotic cutter units travel down a pipe. The robot is equipped with a 1.7 horsepower grinder motor and is controlled by the operator from the console area in the above ground cutter truck. The robotic cutter has mounted on it a built in pan and tilt camera to locate and monitor the work being performed. This robotic cutter system allows our trained operators to cut and remove obstructions that previously could only be removed by excavation.

Items such as exposed gaskets, protruding pipe connections, calcite, roots and other hard to remove items from piping are easily removed with this specialized equipment.

After pipe relining is completed reinstatement of lateral connections is performed via our robotic cutter Please go to our you-tube site and watch our video to see it in action.

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