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Pipe Relining using Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP)

Advanced Trenchless Inc. rehabilitates Existing Pipe with Durable CIPP

More often than ever, engineers and project managers are choosing to rehabilitate deteriorating pipes with tough, non-penetrable Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP), largely due to the fact that it is a structurally-engineered, seamless, joint -less pipe within a pipe. It is installed in most cases with no excavation, minimal disruption and completed in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional replacement methods. Advanced Trenchless is a leader in CIPP pipe relining, call us now at 780 988 0879

CIPP Innovation

Using CIPP pipe relining we can completely reline and fully rehabilitate your pipes without the cost, destruction and restoration associated with sewer and drain pipe replacement using traditional methods. Advanced Trenchless Inc. can usually provide a simple quote for a reline based on a video scope (CCTV inspection) of the existing pipe whether it’s provided by the client or we use our own CCTV inspection equipment. Once video and site conditions have been reviewed we can provide a solution at no cost. Our goal is always to provide the most suitable product and method to fully rehabilitate to as-new or better condition whilest offering the greatest value and minimal disruption to our clients and their property.

Good CIPP Applications

CIPP is an ideal solution for underground piping showing signs of stress cracks, open joints, missing pipe, loss of shape, root intrusion and many other associated issues. Pipe relining will extend the life of the pipe, as well as add value in many ways listed below:

How Pipe Relining Works

First Advanced Trenchless investigates the lines using the latest in scoping cameras and cleaning equipment determining the best course of action. At Advanced Trenchless, all of our work is 100% transparent to you, our valued customer. We share all video and photo information, helping you arrive at the solution that serves you best.

No Obligation

Advanced Trenchless will not use pressure sales or charge for an estimate when the client is able to provide their own CCTV inspection video. We believe that we are the best providers in this industry and that we bring value in our services that speak for themselves.

Better than New!

The seamless, joint less CIPP pipe is designed and engineered for a 50-year life. Advanced Trenchless products have been designed and tested to exceed specifications for any new pipe installation and are even capable of being used without a host pipe for support.

Transferrable Warranty

Our licensed professionals will follow up with a recorded post-installation video upon project completion and will provide you with before and after videos on DVD for your records. Additionally, Advanced Trenchless also will leave you with a 10-year written warranty. If you decide to sell your building or home, you can transfer the warranty and the copies of this video to the new owners.

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Advanced Trenchless Inc. is a leader in CIPP rehabilitation solutions. Call us today at 780 988 0879 to discuss your project.


If your pipe is an acceptable candidate for pipe relining, Advanced Trenchless will provide a custom designed solution to reline that pipe and install a brand new CIPP within the existing line. Here’s how we perform pipe-relining without undue ground-breaking excavation:

  1. We start by cleaning the pipe and then perform a pre-CCTV video inspection recorded in digital format, using our high quality camera systems and reporting software, we then review and asses the video to ensure that the conditions are acceptable and that CIPP lining is still the best solution. Measurements, depths and other important information is taken at that time (Traffic, surroundings, service connection’s etc.)
  2. Upon Acceptance of our quote and an agreed upon schedule is determined, we will at this stage custom-fabricate a new liner that is size- and dimension-specific to your pipe requirements. Our lining systems are engineered to provide the adequate amount of strength and corrosion resistance for the application it is used in. The resin and thickness of the material , is then custom fabricated each and every pipe we reline. Once the project schedule is finalized the liner is fabricated and wet out (impregnated with resin). We will take care of all necessary arrangement’s to ensure the relining process goes smooth and the flows, and surroundings are impacted as little as possible. Advanced Trenchless uses several different methods to install and cure the CIPP liner in place including but not limited to Air Inversion, Water Inversion, and Pull-in-Place We will deploy the most suitable and effective curing methods and resin’s all of which are dependant on the condition , material and the environment of the host pipe. The CIPP liner will be cured under pressure to ensure a tight and constant fit from end to end
  3. Inverting the CIPP into the existing pipe is one of our methods. This process involves the vacuum impregnating, with a proprietary resin solution, of a polyester felt tube that has a polyurethane, polypropylene or TPU coating. Once impregnated it is rolled through a calibration roller to ensure the appropriate thickness and consistency. We then install the liner buy turning it inside out (inverting it) using hydrostatic head and/or air pressure. Once inverted to the end of the pipe we use several methods to cure the liner in place. This product can be installed from manholes , cleanouts or a small access points. Our materials are suited to most environments including Industrial, chemical, process, waste water, conduit, utility and residential drain lines. 4. Pull in place pipe relining methods using CIPP, is commonly chosen for lines that are too difficult or not suitable to the inversion method. Equally as effective we can insert the liner in a folded form into the existing line and once placed in the exact location we then apply air pressure rounding the CIPP material and placing it tightly to the host pipe thus creating a new pipe within the old pipe.
  4. Once in place, heat and pressure cause the thermal reaction to cure the resin and transform it into a hardened plastic permanent pipe. Once the resin sets in place, we remove the installation equipment; and your new seamless, joint less pipe is ready for use.