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Pipe Burst and Replace, Pipe Boring, Pipe Coring, Piercing

Advanced Trenchless Inc provides Pipe bursting as a proven method of replacement for failing lateral pipes. Problems in underground piping and drainage systems that benefit from the pipe burst and replace method are constructed of materials such as Orangeburg pipe (tar paper pipe, "No corrode"), clay tile, and Cast Iron. Many other problems also create and pose issues with these pipes such as Offset Pipes, Root intrusion and crowned and cracked pipes are all causing system backups. Infiltration , exfiltration and inflow from rain are all concerns to everyone as these issues are taxing treatment plants, contaminating ground and causing overflows often in properties as well as into rivers, lakes and streams of untreated sewage. Replacement by traditional methods such as open trench is often not a viable or cost effective alternative, often landscape buildings, structures are often in the way as well as other buried underground utilities all play a part in options to replace pipe.

Pipe Bursting Advantages:

Piercing (mole) services.

Advanced Trenchless Offers piercing services for installing new utility lines such as Conduit for Power, gas, or water lines with minimal excavation.

Piercing tools (moles) can bore through the ground and create an open path for new utilities to be run to remote areas under sidewalks, driveways, through yards limiting the ground disturbance and destruction caused by traditional methods of laying these types of lines. Call Advanced Trenchless now to discuss your project.