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Main to Connection Relining

Main/Lateral Connection Lining

A common defect in Drainage systems occurs at the connection between the lateral pipe and the sewer main. This connection is often structurally compromised, cracked, broken or poorly installed. These defects contribute to root intrusion and other problems even after the main and lateral lines have been relined. The connection has always been a weak feature in a drainage system allowing water , and roots into the main thus creating backups and adding unwanted ground water into the seweage treatment plants costing municipalities and tax payers money. This one piece connection liner can be installed from the mainline to reline this connection creating a full liner 360 degree wrap within the mainline and extending up into the lateral as far as 30m sealing the connection and the lateral pipe completely.

Full Circle Style Connection Lining

A Non-VOC resin-saturated liner is positioned on a bladder so that when expanded it will form a circular liner ("Full 360 degree main line wrap") within the sewer main. The bladder is transported through the sewer main to the lateral pipe connection location, and then inflated. The liner is installed tightly inside the main in the vicinity of the lateral connection and continues up into the lateral to its end point meeting all applicable ASTM Standards for both the lateral pipe and its connection to the main.