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Chemical Injection Grouting for Manholes

Advanced Trenchless Inc. offers Chemical Grout Injection services for stopping water infiltration in structures such as manholes, tanks, vessels, chambers and any type of structure with concrete and/or brick walls showing cracking, and/or surfaces presenting active water infiltration. Advanced Trenchless Inc. uses different types of grout material such as Hydrophobic polyurethane resin which can expand to up to 2000% of its liquid volume once in contact with water. It is effective to fill voids, control soil permeation, stop active water leaks or potential future leaks, and will stabilize soils. This technology can withstand wet/dry cycles; it permeates well, is non-flammable and reacts quickly with water to form dense, impermeable, semi-ridgid foam.

Using the V-Pat Process (variable pressure application technique) we can apply a pre-polymer urethane resin (PUR). This type of grouting compound was designed specifically for sealing leaks in concrete and brick structures. This method is used to apply PUR grout in both cracks and expansion joints. Water leakage through cracks or joints in concrete or brick structures is nothing new -- when concrete moves, it often cracks. The problems caused by water are usually far worse than the crack itself. Freeze/thaw damage, corrosion, structural weakness and even failure can all be traced back to cracks and water. This is where the injection of resin into concrete is used to accomplish one of two purposes:

The side of the structure where the hydrostatic load originates is called the positive side. In most cases when you can apply a water stop material on the positive side you have a much greater probability of success because you have the original structure for support. Water control materials that are applied on the surface of the negative side have a bigger potential for failure due to requiring a bond to the structure and keeping a positive side load from passing through. The effectiveness depends on the bond to the substrate and their tensile elongation capability. Call Advanced Trenchless Inc. today to discuss any water infiltration or soil stabilization issues today.