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Advanced Trenchless Inc.,
Providing trenchless solutions for underground pipe and utilities to Western Canada

Underground utilities and infrastructure such as sewer and storm lines, manholes, and water mains are aging assets that may require rehabilitation or replacement to remedy root intrusion, collapsed pipe, cracked or broken pipe, or other problems. Fortunately, Advanced Trenchless Inc. offers many reliable trenchless solutions to solve these issues. Trenchless technologies, such as pipe relining, manhole relining, and pipe bursting can often eliminate the need for using costly and destructive traditional excavate-and-replace methods. Advanced Trenchless Inc. can apply trenchless technologies to most any type of underground piping. Put our 20+ years of experience in this industry to work for you; call us now at 780 988 0879 to speak directly to a knowledgeable consultant.

Customized Solutions

Advanced Trenchless Inc. is a true one-stop-shop for underground piping and utility rehabilitation. Our customized solutions will permanently restore piping to better than new condition with an engineered lifespan of 50+ years. And best of all, our solutions often require no excavation!

Your One-Stop Shop For Sewer & Water Pipe Rehab and Repair

Benefits of trenchless rehabilitation over traditional excavate and replace methods

Our methods pose very little disruption to clients, traffic, business, and production, due to minimal down time during restoration. In most cases flows can be bypassed to continue as normal during rehabilitation. Pipe relining using Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) can be completed with no excavation in a matter of hours, and these repairs carry an engineered lifespan of 50+ years. CIPP relining eliminates the need for open excavations, costly resurfacing, and eliminates any danger of damaging other buried utilities.

Eco-Friendly and Durable

Advanced Trenchless Inc. uses many eco-friendly rehabilitation methods to restore and replace piping. Relining using Cured-In-Place-Pipe reduces waste to landfills, and uses less equipment than excavate-and-replace methods, giving your project a reduced carbon footprint. There is also virtually no product waste as we custom fabricate each liner for the pipe it?s being installed into.

Warranty and guarantee on all products and workmanship

At Advanced Trenchless Inc., we take pride in a quality job every time, whether the project is big or small, straightforward or complex. We offer a warranty on all products and workmanship, giving you peace of mind.