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Engineering and technical services pertaining to projects may include all phases from inception to completion. The entire scope of engineering and technical services related to underground infrastructure systems includes but is not limited to:

  1. Provide consultation or technical services pertaining to the review and assessment of existing sewer system basin areas, overflow impact studies, risk mitigation and capacity studies and assessment(s).
  2. Provide consultation or technical services pertaining the development of CCTV sewer inspection programs for sanitary, storm and combined sewer systems including tender writing, specifications development, management of the tender process and issue of award, project management, information gathering, data review for condition assessment, failure causation analysis and extraneous impact therefrom, development of rehabilitation programs based on defect scoring and prioritization analysis using a failure impact loss/cost approach.
  3. Provide consultation or technical services pertaining the review and assessment of existing or prospective gathered CCTV inspection data and development of sustainability programs:
    • Sewer system maintenance program(s).
    • Determination of applicability of Trenchless Technology rehabilitation method(s) including assignment of suitable technologies(s) and development of specifications and tender documents for same.
    • Determination of locations which are in critical condition and prioritize accordingly for loss mitigation utilizing emergency repair(s) programs.
  4. Analyze existing trenchless rehabilitation candidate(s) including gravity and pressure pipe applications. Provide recommendation(s) for suitable technologies based on application including the design of the Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) liner/resin systems, pipe displacement via pipe in pipe "burst" and slip lining applications.